Raw Goat Milk

At Ivy Rose Farm, we believe in giving our animals the best that nature has to offer!  In fact, the reason we got goats in the first place, was to be able to give our cats and dogs the milk!  When we saw the results, we knew we had to share!

Milk can be purchased through our website or from us directly and picked up from the farm, please note our delivery options are very limited.

Our products can be found on the online farmers market Northeast Georgia Locally Grown, which has pick ups in Gainesville, Tiger, and Clarkesville.


We feed our goats a combination of organic feed from New Country Organics, organic alfalfa, and organic herbs. Our goats have access to loose certified organic kelp and natural trace minerals and salt. The goats are on pasture 24/7, with access to hay grown from our fields.

THANK YOU for supporting your local small farmers! 


goat milk prices


Bottle Deposit Details

We have set up a recycling program where you can return the glass jar and matching plastic lid, and get either $2 back or off your next milk purchase.  Jars and lids can be returned to us directly (contact us to arrange).


We are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown! Read more about what that means here.

Why raw goat milk?

  • Raw goat milk is full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It is more nutritious than cows milk in many ways!
    • Contains more calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese than cow milk
  • It has smaller fat globules, so it is easier to digest.
  • Low in lactose
  • Contains oligosaccharides that help repair gut inflammation
    • Healthy prebiotics to maintain good gut biome
  • Acts as an antacid


What makes our goats different?

Our goats have access to pasture 24/7.  In addition, they get grass hay cut from our own fields.  We also feed our custom custom herb mixes, organic New Country Organics goat feed, and organic alfalfa pellets.  We never use chemicals unless there is a major medical emergency, when all natural methods have been exhausted.  If any chemical is used on a milking doe, she is pulled from the milking line for over the recommended withdrawal time (often simply being done for that milking season).  


What makes our milk different?

Our custom milk herb mix is designed not just to increase milk production, but also to keep the milk tasting fresh and sweet.  Since our goats free range, sometimes they might eat forage that would make the milk taste "goaty".  By adding certain herbs, we help keep the milk tasting consistently sweet.


Milking and Handling

Our milk is filtered through a minimum of five filters. We mostly hand milk, though will use a machine when we have a lot of does in production. The milk is stored at 33 degrees right away, to keep it fresher longer.


Feeding Guidelines:

We recommend starting your pet off with a small amount of milk each day, and working your way up to the serving size that works for your needs. If you are just wanting to feed it for the supplemental value, an average of a tablespoon per 20 pounds. For weight gain, feed up to 1-2 cups per day while monitoring.  Great for pregnant, lactating, and puppies/kittens or orphaned/injured wildlife.


Please contact us if you have any additional questions, but first visit our Herd page to learn more about our goats!