The Herd

*We will update this as we get good glamour shots of all the goats!*

We often "kid" that our goats eat better than we do!  Fed all organic feed, pasture raised, and with rotational feeding, these are some happy goats!


Snow White

Snow is our herd matriarch.  She was our first goat ever!  We brought her home in a snow storm in Colorado, so the name was a good fit!  Many of our Nigerian Dwarf's are her kids and descendants.  Now retired from the milking line, she has stepped up in the role of nanny/Grandma!  We put her in with our goats that are about to kid, so she can be there to help monitor the situation.  She has great instincts and loves babies, so she's a natural nanny!



Zazu is the goat we used to design our logo.  She came from Colorado with us.  We aren't 100% sure, but we were told and believe her to be half Nubian and half Alpine.  She's the Queen of the herd, and a good mama!

 Sarabi, Nala, and Kiara


These three does are the daughters of Zazu and a buck named Thunder (a registered Alpine).  They are triplets - although it is hard to believe if I didn't see their birth myself!  One is large, one is medium, and one is small!  These three sisters are best friends, and we often find them in the most adorable cuddling positions!



This silly face belongs to Bashful.  She is one of Snow's kids.  Now a mom herself, she brings the beautiful blue eyes to her kids. Bashful is a Nigerian Dwarf, her sire was Rafiki.



We got Princess as an adult, in 2018. She is mostly a Nigerian Dwarf, with who knows what else!? She is spunky and yet sweet. She loves to eat! Princess is a great mama, and a fun addition to our herd.