Thinking about getting goats or chickens?  Want to know the best utilization of your backyard to have a small urban farm?  Maybe you just want help starting a garden for the first time. Perhaps you want to grow food but only have a balcony.

Farmer Laura is available to consult with you for topics around farming and animal care.  She will share her personal knowledge, as well as share resource recommendations.  Whether it relates to making the most out of a small garden or creative options for farming in containers or on balconies, or maybe you have always wanted chickens or goats and have questions.  Laura has been an organic farmer for 10 years, and has an extensive background in horses. Laura's main focus for farming or gardening is how to create sustainable environments.  Utilizing knowledge from permaculture, no till methods, herbal health, and from her farming network - she has experienced many different farming/gardening methods.  This allows a flexibility in her work, to help you create your vision while bringing in problem solving based on past experience.

Consulting fees:

  • $150 per hour for in person at your location
  • $50 an hour for video consulting
  • $30 an hour for consulting on our farm - come spend time meeting our animals and seeing our setup.
  • $55 an hour for horsemanship lessons
Please fill out our contact form below if you are interested in hiring Laura.