Our History


It all began with a dream of Laura's of being more self-sustainable.  Wanting to be able to eat fresh food, to provide her animals with extra nutrition, and making yummy jams and jellies for friends and family, one day she woke up and realized she wanted to share the bounty of the harvest!

The dream started in Colorado with Laura's and her husband, Bernie.  They then decided to move across country with two horses, 4 adult goats and 1 goat kid, 2 llamas, 4 rabbits, 21 chickens, 7 ducks, 3 cats, 2 dogs.  Now in Georgia,  they  have grown the farm, adding many more animals to the farm family.


Pepper Jelly

Back before we moved to Georgia, we would at the end of the season use what we had and can it.  We fell in love with making pepper jelly.  When we would go to parties, we brought a small jar as a host gift.  It was always a hit, to the point my friends started asking to buy!  So, many years later we are finally at the level to sell our jelly to all, not just our lucky friends and family!




To hear the complete story about our goats, visit our Herd page.

Our journey with goats began by simply wanting to provide our own dogs and cats with the milk.  Originally, we only wanted does, and just two.  We planned on using a stud and selling the babies.  Next thing we knew we had a whole herd, bucks and all!



The Journey

When Laura lived in Colorado, she started on the path of natural living and a healthier diet primarily because of her interest in dog and horse nutrition.  This then led her to live in the foothills, on an awe inspiring property with 60 acres of mountain terrain and plenty of room for animals and a very large garden.  While working on her health for kidney issues, Laura was able to go off any conventional medicine by managing her diet and lifestyle, and seeks the same for her animals whenever possible for any condition.  Nutrition is what drives most of the decisions around the animals.  

We believe that Mother Nature gave us all we need for natural remedies, methods, and ingredients.  We just have to learn to listen.

Laura has a long history with horses that started with riding lessons as a child. In college she got her first horse, Amigo, and from there her passion bloomed! Laura loves riding her horses on the trails around the farm and does so whenever time allows! It is easy to see how Laura got into farming, when her whole life has been about animals.