Info/FAQ for Farm Tours:

  • Are you a petting zoo?
    • We are a working farm, not a petting zoo. While we do pet and feed the animals, we are learning about them and the interactions are up close and very interactive.
  • What are your hours?
    • We are open by appointment only. Please sign up online for a slot, by visiting the appropriate tab for which activity you are interested in. For inquiries about any dates or times not listed, please email us at ivyrosefarm@gmail.com - we cannot guarantee any date or time, but will try to work out a date that works for you to the best of our ability!
  •  What should we wear when visiting the farm?
    • Closed toed shoes are mandatory for all farm guests for safety. Please do not wear crocs or shoes similar with holes - especially children need to have truly closed toed shoes. If you have boots (such as rain boots) those are ideal, but sneakers work just fine too. We will be around animals with hooves, and part of the tour is in an area that has a sand flooring.
    • We recommend wearing pants. We walk through areas with tall grass sometimes, and with it being a farm, there will always be flies/bugs.
    • Rain jackets are recommended, even just to keep in the car. This is especially true for the wetter months of the year. This way if a storm pops up, you will be prepared :)
    • We encourage clothes you don't mind getting dirty, as we get up close and personal with most of our animals.
  • What should we bring when visiting the farm?
    • Sunscreen and bug spray are recommended, especially in the summer months. 
    • Please also bring your reusable water bottles (we do not have any plastic bottles for sale, so we strongly encourage you to bring refillable water bottles).
    • Umbrellas and/or rain jackets in the car never hurt :)
  • What should we NOT bring when visiting the farm?
    • Please leave your pets at home. Thank you!
  • Can I bring snacks or a lunch?
    • Sure! Just be aware the some of the animals (like the chickens) will be free ranging, so you'll need to keep an eye on kids so they don't encourage an animal to come over and eat. We also have an air conditioned space inside.
    • How do I do an add on activity like fishing or a goat walk?
      • If interested in doing an add on activity (fishing or goat walk), please send us an email so we can better prepare for your visit ivyrosefarm@gmail.com.
    • What type of payment is accepted?
      • All events, classes, and programs are prepay when you sign up online. For on farm purchases we prefer cash or check, and can also accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or Credit Card.
    • How long do tours actually take?
      • Tour length can vary greatly depending on the size and make up of the group, and depending on which tour you choose. Often families with young toddlers take shorter, from 45 minutes to an hour. But larger groups will usually take the full tour time of two hours. 
      • Please arrive as close to the allotted time as possible. Please do not arrive more than a few minutes early. Since we are a working farm, we need all the time to get set up and to make sure everything is ready for your visit.
    • Where do we go/park?
      • You can plug Ivy Rose Farm into Google Maps and it will take you straight to us, if possible we recommend taking HWY 400. When you turn off of Kenimer, onto Baker Circle - follow the circle around staying on gravel road (do not turn onto any dirt roads). You will turn down Baker Lane which dead ends into the farm. PLEASE DRIVE 10 MPH ON GRAVEL ROADS!
    ivy rose farm map