New Country Organics Feed

We are resellers for New Country Organics. See below for prices. We are not a store front, but by appointment only. Please contact us with what products you need. If you do not see a product listed, contact us directly for a price. We keep layer and starter in stock, as well as many other products. Products not kept in stock can be ordered as needed.

New Country Organics animal feeds are certified organic, soy-free, made exclusively from North American grains, and fortified with probiotics. Certified by SCS Global Services.

Pick up is at one of our farm properties. For more details, please fill out the contact form below or email us directly at

Price List

***Please note we are always updating our prices to reflect recent changes to 40 lbs bags and price updates, prices listed below may change, and more prices/items will be added. If there is something from the NCO website you want to order, just let us know!***

Prices as of 2/17/2023

Item Bag Size Price Before Tax
Classic Grind Layer Feed 50 lbs $43.00
Corn-Free Layer Feed 50 lbs $43.00
Classic Starter Feed 40 lbs $40.00
Corn-Free Starter Feed 40 lbs $40.00
Chicken Grower/Broiler Feed 40 lbs $39.00
Scratch Feed 40 lbs $29.00
Calf Feed 40 lbs $35.00
Low Starch Horse Feed 40 lbs $47.00
Alfahay 50 lbs $26.00
Chaffhaye 50 lbs $26.00
Coolstance 44 lbs $41.00
Duck Layer 40 lbs $36.00
Goat feed 40 lbs $37.00
Goat Pellets 40 lbs $38.00
Turkey Grower 40 lbs $40.00
Turkey Starter 40 lbs $42.00
Grubs 3.5 lbs $40.00
Horse Elite 40 lbs $42.00
Horse Low Starch 40 lbs $47.00
Horse Performance 40 lbs $40.00
Kelp (Thorvin) 40 lbs OUT OF STOCK
Kelp (Nature's) 40 lbs OUT OF STOCK
Salt (Redmond 10 Fine w/Garlic) 50 lbs $35.00
Salt Block (Redmond Natural Salt Block w/Garlic) 44 lbs $35.00
Salt Block (Redmond Natural Regular) 44 lbs $25.00
Salt (Redmond Selenium 90 ppm) 50 lbs $27.00
Speedibeet 44 lbs $60.00
Sheep Feed 40 lbs $33.00
Sheep Minerals 50 lbs OUT OF STOCK

For items not on this list, message us for price
See NCO website for all available products:
Price you see on New Country Organics website is NOT our retail price
Items must be picked up from one of our properties by APPOINTMENT ONLY