Covid-19 Precautions

For our Farm Activities:

Each tour is private, so it is just your group! The bathroom (and doorknobs, touched surfaces, etc) are sanitized after each tour (all fixtures cleaned). We have hand sanitizer and hand washing stations. If you would like us to wear masks, please let us know. At this time, we are not requiring our guests to wear them. Since all of our activities are outside and in open areas, there is less risk associated with this environment, and there is minimal to no physical contact between us and guests. We want our guests to be comfortable and are willing to do extra steps if requested! We are all fully vaccinated as well.


For our products (goat milk, pepper jelly, etc):

Each product is wiped down with alcohol (70 % or higher) prior to shipping or delivery. We wash our hands before touching each product, and wear gloves to wipe it down and package it. When harvesting our produce we do a triple wash and wash hands before and after as well. For delivery, we sanitize our hands before touching the product to pass it to you.


Our Vacation Rental Cottage:

Ivy Rose Cottage gets completely wiped down after each guest checks out. Once the home has been thoroughly cleaned, a sanitizing spray is sprayed into each room. Masks and gloves are worn when cleaning the house. All bedding, including comforters, are cleaned after each use.


We want everyone to stay safe, practice smart hygiene, and social distance! Our farm, we hope, is a safe place for people to escape to during this stressful time.